About RezRising

Rez Rising is an initiative of Change Labs, a Native-led organization supporting Native entrepreneurs by providing creative workspace, tools, resources, and community.

Time to grow, fast.

Elevating and supporting Native American business owners means strengthening our own communities.

Whether you live on your nation’s reservation, are part of the Native diaspora, or believe in #BuyNative, Rez Rising is a growing platform to connect you with Native owned businesses across the Southwest. Search our website or app to find a service you need locally or contact an artist whose work you want to support from afar. 

At Change Labs, we believe in the ingenuity and resilience of our Native communities, which is why we decided to create Rez Rising. This platform connects you with entrepreneurs who may live down the road and sell breakfast burritos at the local flea market, or with your relative back home who makes beautiful jewelry. For decades, Native business owners have been excluded from national and global economies due to the persistent lack of infrastructure on many reservations to establish an online presence or a storefront. Rez Rising is a first-of-its-kind tool that brings much needed visibility to these businesses.

Join our movement to strengthen our Native economies by buying directly from Native American entrepreneurs.

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